This is not a satin bonnet, this is your crown.

The Majestic has nothing traditional. It has been created for women to not have to worry about their hair and for them to feel beautiful and empowered.


Bald women don't have a lot of options for adornments other than wigs. I was looking for something comfortable that I can just throw on and look fly. This is a real crown!

Gina Atinuke Knight

I love my wrap, I had seen this on TikTok so I bought online and went to pick up I bought a large in Rio and I’m so pleased with how it looks. This combo has changed the game!

Daneka Gabrielle Mckie-Malcolm

For someone that sweats a lot when working out, these satin lined bonnet wraps really help preserve my retwist!

Jerome Thomas

I have recently ordered the Havanah and is stunning. Love the variety of fabulous prints and luxurious feeling of the protective satin lining. Fast delivery and all in eco friendly packaging .


I love the fact that it gives you the effect of a fabric being more than it is. It's so unique, I didn't know that this was what I've been looking for all this time!


Charlotte Sashaa Brown, founder of PBMIF

At first, I choose to create the Majestic for women of color because this is who I am and it was important to represent us. Now I realize that our crowns have been so useful for all women, especially the ones that are going through hair loss during chemotherapy. I'm so grateful to be able to bring our products to the mainstream! #JustTheBegining!

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