Mychelle O.

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Mychelle has been named in honor of the elegant former American First Lady, Michelle Obama. If stripes are your thing, chances are that you have a strong sense of self-worth.

Soft to the touch and light-weighted to wear, you will be able to wear your bonnet during the day and the night so your hair can be protected from dryness, fizz, and pollution. 

Our bonnets are completely safe for patients encountering chemotherapy. Satin is a cool and smooth texture that naturally eases scalp irritations, slows hair loss, and is gentle on tender scalps during the hair regrowth stage. 

Mychelle O. includes a satin bonnet alone.

Fabric: Viscose

Lining: Duchess satin

Not sure about your size? Check out our size guide here or send us a photo on Instagram. 

All our bonnets are made with 58 cm in head circumference with an elastic on the back that allows them to stretch. If you have a smaller circumference size, choose Petite Regular.