Creole Mamie

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This print is bringing me back to the Caribbean a mango on one hand and coconut water on the other! 

Creole Mamie includes a satin bonnet and a long band that will allow you to transform your bonnet into a majestic head wrap in so many different ways.

Our bonnets are completely safe and recommended for people experiencing alopecia and hair loss during chemotherapy. 

Fabric: Cotton

Lining: Duchess satin

All our bonnets are made with an elastic on the back that allows them to stretch. If you have a doubt, measure your head circumference and choose: 

- Regular: 58 cm 

- Petite Regular: > 58 cm

- XL Large: 60 cm and more

The size of your bonnet depends on the volume of your hair. Size Regular mostly fits all.

We source our fabrics from local suppliers so when our stock is gone, it's gone! Protect yours before it's too late.