Size guide

Choose the right size - Protect But Make It Fashion

We believe that each Queen should have a crown that fits their heads perfectly. This is why we give you the option to personalize your bonnet depending on your head shape and your hair. 


1. Bonnet size

The choice of your bonnet size will depend on your hair. 



The regular size will be ideal for people having short curly hair and locs. Keep in mind that you will mostly wear your hair in a ponytail, so your hair will have enough space for you to be comfortable. 

The regular size is also perfect for baldies. The shape of the bonnet will make your head wrap looks full and the elastic on the back will help you keep it on your head all day. 


The large size is great for people having a large hair volume. If you have long locs, braids, 3 and 4 A/B/C curls, the large will give enough space to your hair for you to be comfortable. Also, keep in mind that you will be able to adjust your bonnet once it's on your head so if you have a doubt, always go big!


2. Head circumference

Head circumference


Head cricumference

 All our bonnets are made with 58 cm in head circumference. If you have a smaller or a larger head circumference size, make sure to mention it when you place your order.