Our Story

  • “COVID ready but with style!”
  • Protect, But Make It Fashion was born in a small room in Hackney at the beginning of the infamous pandemic we are living in. Charlotte Sashaa, 26 years old at the time, saw in face masks an upcoming market but also a new way to express ourselves, our personality, and our individuality since we couldn’t see our faces anymore. They were more than a protective item to wear daily, they were an accessory that could match our outfit and light up the uncertain days. 



    Protect, But Make It Fashion was officially launched in March 2020. With only 100£ in her pocket, Charlotte Sashaa succeeded to launch her online shop with 5 signature designs that were sold mostly in London, Paris, and Madrid. 


  • The Kugali collaboration 
  • After a couple of months of up and running production, Charlotte has been contacted by the owners of a Nigerian entertainment company named Kugali. This company transformed the world of comics by creating arts and animations inspired by African stories distributed all over the world. On the occasion of their first Kickstarter, they were looking to collaborate with an Afro-descendant artist and entrepreneur for the creation of their own face masks. After multiple mockups and discussions regarding the design, Kugali and Protect, But Make It Fashion officialized their collaboration and agreed on an order of 500 units. 





    Without any idea of how to produce the order but certain to succeed and take up the challenge, Charlotte decided to search for solutions and decided to reach out to the local fabric shop she was sourcing her fabric from to look for a sewing lady to help. They gave her Olga’s details as she gave it to them a couple of days before. 


  • The creation of a team
  • As she lost her job in Central London due to the pandemic, Olga was more than happy to work on the order. Hard worker and creative, she loves handcrafting and creating fashion accessories, clothes, and jewelry at home. At 55, she always dreamt to have her own business and even started to sell face masks around her during the pandemic. 


    During the three intense weeks of production, the two ladies worked in symbiosis and grow together as a team by combining their skills. Sharing the same goals and vision for themselves, they decided to follow what has already been started by expanding the brand Protect, But Make It Fashion. 


  • The vision for the future
  • Our vision now is to create a successful self-sufficient running business and live from our creative passion. As Aquarians, we both have been seeking independence, creativity, and freedom in our professional lives and we have now the opportunity to continue on this path.